E-mail marketing for success

Overall aim of the course:

To provide delegates with the knowledge to develop, design, write, distribute and evaluate an e-mail marketing campaign.

Delegates attending this will be able to:

  • Know why they should use email marketing as part of their integrated marketing campaigns
  • Develop and implement an email marketing strategy, which is right for your business and your target audiences
  • Understand the legal constraints
  • Develop opt-in lists and improve your database for email marketing
  • Know how to evaluate campaigns to make on-going improvements around content, timings to broadcast, frequency, etc.
  • Test different layouts and designs
  • Understand the importance of personalisation within the email
  • Add a strong call to action within the email
  • Develop strong subject lines
  • Know what to do to reduce spam triggers
  • Be able to use the lessons learned to have the greatest chance of the email being open and read
  • Use social media to try and increase the reach

Course content

  • Why email marketing
  • Email marketing principles
  • Creating effective templates
  • Deliverability
  • Email service providers
  • Email and social media
  • Viral e-marketing


1 day

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