Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising – Developing a successful adwords campaign

How to develop and monitor an adwords campaign

Overall aim of the course

To provide delegates with the practical support to enable them to set up their first pay per click (PPC) adwords campaign.

Delegates attending this will be able to:

  • Structure their Google adwords account
  • Set up and manage a campaign
  • Monitor a campaign and make adjustments on an ongoing basis
  • Evaluate the success of different adwords and phrases on the campaign
  • Make recommendations to improve their website using lessons learned around keyword traffic and campaign results

Course content

The Course will cover:

  • What is PPC and what are its advantages?
  • Which PPC service is right for you?
  • Opening a Google account
  • Planning your campaign
  • Start date, frequency, location
  • Campaigns for different target audiences
  • Ad groups, key phrases
  • Keywords
  • Developing the content of your advert
  • Test results
  • Landing page strategy
  • Quality score
  • Monitoring the campaign


1 day

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