Strategic Marketing Management – Developing a marketing plan to meet business objectives

Helping to define your marketing strategy – setting the right direction to minimise the risks and maximise the opportunities

Overall aim of the course:

To provide managers and business owners with an understanding of the theory, principles and processes to support a business’ corporate objectives and providing delegates with the tools to develop and implement a marketing strategy.

Delegates attending this will be able to:

  • Identify how strategic marketing principles should fit into their organisation
  • Recognise the importance of internal marketing and develop a strategy to improve issues affecting the overall customer experience
  • Segment their industry and clarify who and why the business should be targeting
  • Use tools to help in the strategic decision making process
  • Use the marketing mix for competitive advantage
  • Monitor and evaluate the strategy and provide direction to roll out campaigns

Course Content:

  • Definition of marketing
  • Introduction to planning and control – the management process
  • The relationship between marketing planning and corporate planning
  • The basis of planning and control, the cycle of control and the 3 levels of strategy
  • Management and marketing information systems
  • Assessing corporate capability (internal factors) SWOT analysis
  • Resource audit
    • Value chain
    • Financial measures
  • Comparative analysis
    • Performance – importance
  • Reviewing market effectiveness
    • Environmental analysis (external factors)
  • Market segmentation, targeting and positioning
  • Formulating the marketing strategy
  • Managing the marketing mix (the 7ps of marketing)
  • Developing a marketing communications strategy
  • Strategic evaluation and appraisal
  • Strategic implementation and control


2/3 days depending on the level of detail required, templates to be delivered, role play exercises

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