Planning, implementing, monitoring and control

Planning for results

Overall aim of the course:

To provide team leaders with an insight into improving their personal effectiveness and that of their team through use of planning techniques.

Delegates attending this will be able to:

  • Define work processes and monitor the effects of delayed work
  • Use proven techniques for planning work
  • Use techniques to make them more efficient in managing projects & people

Course content

  • Introduction to planning
  • Managing yourself
  • Functions of a team leader
  • Planning, organising, directing, controlling, informing
  • Understanding & employing resources
  • Work processes
  • Planning processes
  • Setting objectives
  • Creating a logical task flow – Detailed activities
  • Forecasting & scheduling
  • PERT (programme evaluation and review technique) and CPM (critical path method), gantt charts, graphic reporting techniques
  • Obtaining materials
  • Identifying economies
  • Managing multiple projects
  • Solving project problems
  • Review plan-do-check-act


1 day

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