Telemarketing/Telesales Training

Overall aim of the course:

To provide individuals with a recognised telesales process which can be adopted within their organisation.


Delegates attending this will be able to:

  • Use a set of processes to improve sales techniques
  • Use best practice and refresh their skills
  • Be more motivated and confident on the telephone
  • Become more effective in their telesales and deliver better results
  • Identify who to target to increase sales opportunities
  • Use the right questioning techniques to engage with customers and improve relationships

Course content:

  • Introduction to Marketing and sales using the telephone
  • Seven deadly sins of telesales
    • Sin 1: Calling non-decision making levels
    • Sin 2: A belief that it’s a “closing problem”, when it’s always a “qualifying problem”
    • Sin 3: Failure by the sales team to follow a consistent sales process
    • Sin 4: The premature proposal trap
    • Sin 5: Not having a documented sales plan with measurable goals and objectives.
    • Sin 6: Failure to utilize the most effective sales weapon you have – your existing customers
    • Sin 7: Thinking that software alone will correct an inconsistent or ineffective sales process
  • Sales and the Telephone
  • The Selling Equation
  • The Telesales Process
  • Various Telephone Techniques
  • How to Manage First Impressions
  • Managing the Actual Call
    • Voice, Attitude and Behaviour
  • The Power of Positive and Negative Thinking
  • The Sales Process and the stages of the call
  • The AIDA Formula
  • Using a Script
  • Buying
    • Why People buy? Why People Don’t Buy?
    • Features and Benefits, USP
    • How to Handle Objections and Manage Transitions
    • Identifying Buying Signals and Closing the Sale
  • Follow Up – Methodology you can adopt
  • Action – Agreeing Goals


1.5 – 3 days depending on the level of detail required, how much emphasis needs to be on selling and/or marketing, skills required by delegates

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